I am a wedding filmmaker located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My passion is to capture significant moments for others that can last a lifetime. I have always been fascinated with the art of videography and how it captures certain moments in time that a photo just cannot. Video captures mannerisms of people we love dearly, the sound of parents' voices, and smiles of grandparents that won’t be on this earth much longer. I get emotional just thinking about the significance and joy a film can have on a person.

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About Mika Ellen Films

I went to college unsure of what I wanted to do for a living until I began filming for a camp in the Rocky Mountains. That summer changed my life and opened my eyes to the realization that doing what you loved for a living could actually be a thing. I have been a full-time filmmaker since 2012 and I have genuinely loved every minute of it. I am constantly trying to learn and grow my skill sets as a videographer. On my off days you can find me hanging with friends and family, outdoors hiking/hammocking, or reading a good book. I live to serve the Lord and others with everything I do. And at this moment that means capturing wedding films so that people can cherish them for a lifetime.

Most Inspired By


I traveled to Switzerland to explore in 2019 and I can confidently say it lived up completely to the hype. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful locations and Switzerland might be my favorite this far. Capturing majestic views of the mountains and landscapes was something I will always remember. Paragliding through the Swiss Alps still feels like a dream to me and I have it all captured on my GoPro for proof. It was such a stunning location and I would love to film there again one day.


Colorado has a special place in my heart. If I had to choose one location to film at for the rest of my life I think I could confidently say it would be in Colorado. I started my filming career in Colorado and still swoon over the views. Hiking fourteen 14ers is one of my favorite accomplishments to date. Colorado is for sure one of my top favorite places in America.


I had the amazing opportunity to film a wedding in Maui, Hawaii. I traveled there with two of my good friends the next week and a half we adventured around the Islands of Maui and Kauai. Hawaii felt other worldly and I can’t wait to go back and explore the islands even more!

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